Financial Engineering

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Advanced knowledge of the fundamental theory, continuous-time financial mathematics skills and the ability to put that expertise into practice, coupled with an understanding of key concepts in actuarial and financial mathematics is more important than ever to an understanding of the increasingly complex financial market. Competition for the best jobs in the finance and insurance sector is also set to intensify, and acquiring that expertise significantly improves your chances of moving into this field or furthering your career in finance or insurance. You can develop the skills you need on the Financial Engineering distance-learning programme at TU Kaiserslautern.

The programme is aimed at graduates of mathematics programmes who are already working, are seeking a career in applied financial mathematics or research, and whose first degree did not provide sufficient expertise in this area. The programme is also and in particular aimed at graduates of other Master‘s programmes whose Master‘s or initial Bachelor‘s degree had a significant mathematics component, who are already working in a relevant industry and who want a more in-depth understanding of financial mathematics and to learn about the background, concepts and methods.

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The programme is worth 90 credit points and begins in October each year. Students take various classes towards two modules in each of the first five semesters. Students work through one to two sets of learning material for each module. The sixth semester is for the Master‘s thesis. Around 16-18 hours per week will be required for working through the learning material and completing the corresponding exercises. Realistically, the initial workload is likely to be higher.

One weekend (Friday to Sunday) per semester is required on top of the specified workload for attendance at the on-campus phase. A on-campus phase is held for all students on the distance-learning programme towards the end of each of the first four semesters. Attendance at these on-campus phases is mandatory. The on-campus phase run from Friday lunchtime to Sunday afternoon. On-campus phases in the winter semester are generally held in February/March and on-campus phases for the summer semester in August/ September.

On-campus phases are the chance to explore course content in more depth, to ask any questions about the content of the learning material, and to discuss the implementation and practical application of the methods about which you have learned. Written examinations and oral examinations (presentations) are also held during the period of the on-campus phases. On-campus phases require students‘ active participation.


  • Introduction to Financial Mathematics 
  • Insurance Mathematics 
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Economics of Banking 
  • Financial Decision Making 
  • Interest Rate Models 
  • Risk and Statistical Modeling 
  • Computational Methods in Finance 
  • Advanced Financial Engineering 
  • Master Thesis

Zugangsvoraussetzungen & Studiengebühren

1. Admission with a university degree

Applicants must demonstrate that they have completed a higher education degree lasting at least six semesters at a German or foreign state or staterecognised higher education institution, at least one year‘s relevant work experience in the finance and insurance sector or in a mathematics-related profession following their degree, and that they have the necessary prior knowledge from their previous degree. Prior knowledge from applicants‘ previous degrees is demonstrated using a scoring system and by the successful completion of module assessments in analysis and stochastics. Students may be able to catch up with some aspects required during the first year of the programme (conditions of admission).

2. Admission with a professional qualification

Prospective students without an undergraduate degree but with at least four years‘ relevant professional experience in finance and insurance can take an aptitude test for admission to the programme. They may have to complete credits in analysis and stochastics in the first year of the programme (conditions of admission).


The current tuition fee for the advanced distance learning Master‘s programme „Financial Engineering“ is € 1,990,- per semester, plus the registration fee, as well as a one-time Master‘s examination fee for the standard period of study. You will find further information at our Website (See Button "Webseite des Studiengangs").

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